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CRE Capital, Inc. announces name change from RealWebFunds.

San Ramon, CA
August 1, 2003

CRE Capital, Inc. today announced the company`s name had been changed from RealWebFunds, Inc. This change was made to better reflect the company`s business of providing equity and debt for financing commercial real estate.

About CRE Capital, Inc.

CRE Capital, Inc. is a national discount commercial mortgage and equity broker. The company was formed in 1999 to bring modern business practices to a traditional commercial mortgage brokerage company. The company`s goal is to solve the problems borrowers often face when hiring a broker. The broker's traditional role is as an intermediary between borrower and lender. This approach often leads to frustration as borrowers struggle to determine what is best for them.

The CRE Capital role is that of a service provider representing borrowers, not as an intermediary. Borrowers hire CRE Capital to deliver all financing options available for their property so they can make the best decisions. The delivery system is award winning software we developed to automate the financing process with a web based service. The increased efficiency of CRE Capital brokers allows the firm to lower fees and increase the breadth of our lender relationships.

CRE Capitals internet group was spun-off coincidentally with the name change. They will keep the corporation name and web site for RealWebFunds.

Award Winning Software

RealComm recently awarded RealWebFunds (now CRE Capital, Inc.) the 2003 Digie Award Winner for Commercial Lending. CRE Capital received the award for the best use of the internet. Each year, Realcomm recognizes the leaders and innovators in the Commercial Real Estate industry who are maximizing the use of technology and automation in their businesses. Other 2003 award winners included Equity Office, Lincoln Property Company and Sperry Van Ness.


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