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They were very responsive in obtaining answers and information I required to move to the next steps in order to fund this construction loan.

Glenn Rilinger
Butte Community Bank

CRE Capital Connects Commercial Property Owners With Lenders

CRE Capital facilitates the process of getting a commercial real estate mortgage for owners of commercial real estate and their brokers. We provide online tools to simplify, streamline and accelerate the process of originating a loan. We present the entire marketplace of lenders to our customers so they can feel like they can come to one place and get all of the exposure they need to know they have received the best deal available to them on the market today. 

We offer the use of our site to borrowers at fees between 40 and 60 basis points.

Working with CRE Capital - Step by step

Define the types of requests you would like to see

One of our account managers will interview you to understand the types of loans you are looking for and who we should contact when we have a deal for you. We will then update the description of your programs and your contact points in our database.

Before we send a request on to you, an agent at CRE Capital will inspect the package to make sure the deal is a real deal (it has a high likelihood of happening) and the package is of sufficient quality that you can make a firm bid (subject to due diligence).

You will receive a summary email whenever a request meets your criteria 

A quick overview of the request including property type, location, value, and loan request. Enough to decide if you want to see more - and a link to the package on our site.

Review the detailed package online

The package includes descriptions of the borrower and the property, the rent roll and operating history as well as downloadable supporting documentation. 

You can also download the document in Microsoft Word format so you can print a hard copy.

Forward the package to others electronically 

When you need others to review the package you just authorize them as additional viewers for your firm and they will have access to the package from anywhere in the world.

Provide your quotes on-line 

Our term sheet template is on-line. You just input the details of your quote. No more counting on word of mouth to get the details across.

Before a winner is chosen we will give you an idea of the range of the likely winning bid. This gives you the chance to improve your quote if you would like to be more competitive.

Communicate directly with the borrower during closing

CRE Capital does not interfere in the process of closing the loan. Our borrowers work directly with you to provide all the due diligence information you require and to resolve any issues that may arise. 

Pay CRE Capital out of escrow 

CRE Capital will be responsible for collecting our fee from the borrower out of the escrow/closing.

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