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We were hesitant to deviate from our traditional old ways of obtaining construction and take out financing through limited local contacts and networking. The company opened considerable new opportunities for greater exposure for our financing needs by promoting more competitive quotes at no additional cost. Their preparation and presentation of our properties was very professional and impressive. We would highly recommend the company to others and complement the friendly staff for a job well done.

Brent Tucker
T. A. Tucker Associates, Inc.

All The Benefits You'd Expect From An Internet Channel

We will bring you volume

We have closed over $1,157,000,000 in financing to date. We have closed more loans than any other on-line commercial real estate financing service.

Our deals are high quality

We are only in the business of forwarding deals to you that are real deals - they have a high likelihood of getting done. And, because we only accept exlusive (or nearly exclusive) deals we have closed upwards of 70% of the deals for which we solicited quotes.

Our packages are high quality

We have designed our system to provide a package that has just the right information you need to quote the deal. We ensure that packages are complete before we send them on to you. 

Reduced origination costs

Our electronic package, electronic forwarding, and automated download tools can help you streamline your origination process.

Fair competition

Our marketplace provides a way for you to compete and win on a level playing field. Because most of our deals are exclusive you can be sure that all of your competitors are seeing exactly the same information as you are.

Deal directly with borrowers

You can eliminate the effort needed when a third party intermediary is in the loop during the closing process. You can deal directly with the person who best understands the issues and how to resolve them: the borrower.

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