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I like the flexibility. I can use the site to the degree I want.

Les Pelio
Pelio & Associates


CRE Capital, Inc. (CRE) has a position available for an Analyst in its San Ramon Office. The analyst will support a senior mortgage banker at the firm. The analyst position is a training position for advancement to commercial mortgage brokerage. The position involves learning through experience and a rigourous course of work.

Job Description: The applicant will be preparing loan packages which involves descriptive writing and numbers input. The applicant will be speaking with both borrowers and lenders concerning loan requests. This involves oral presentations and responding to questions on the phone. The applicant requires project management skills which involve keeping track of and following through on multiple tasks according to a rigid schedule. The candidate will also be required to complete a series of formal courses for advancement to a position as a mortgage broker. The position will evolve into a sales position that requires extensive cold calling of potential borrowers.

Education: A 4 year college degree is required. We are looking for a candidate with excellent grades and will consider candidates from any course of study.

Qualifications The candidate must be able to communication orally and verbally and have a good grasp of numbers. The applicant must enjoy working with people and be persistence in the face of adversity. The applicant cannot let rejection interfere with pursuit toward a goal. The position requires detective work and an open mind that constantly questions in order to learn.

Skills Required The applicant must have good writing skills, have basic math skills, be sales oriented, and speak clearly.

Licensing: A California salesperson license is required. Qualified candidates without a license may be considered.

Salary and Bonus Salary and bonus will vary based on experience. Expected first year total compensation in the range of $35,000 to $40,000.

Reward: A qualified mortgage banker earns a high income, has job independence, is stimulated with new challenges and works with other highly successful individuals.

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