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I like the flexibility. I can use the site to the degree I want.

Les Pelio
Pelio & Associates

Some of our recent deals

$13.5M fixed rate loan for
two office buildings

$5.3M construction loan for
a 22,876 sf R&D building

$2.4M fixed rate loan for
a 39,493 s.f. Flex Industrial Building

$9.8M fixed rate loan for
a 124,237 s.f. industrial building

$5.7M loan for
Three story multi-tenant office building

$15.5M fixed rate loan for
a premiere co-location building

$8.3M fixed rate loan for
a 75,040 s.f. office building

$6.4M fixed rate loan for
a 55,722.s.f. office building

$11M fixed rate loan for a
144 Unit Apartment Complex

$3.8M fixed rate loan for a
A 31,168 s.f. Shadow Anchored Retail Center

$4.5M fixed rate loan for
a 38,250 s.f. office building

$4.37M fixed rate loan for
a 12,603 sf retail building and 6,600 sf restaurant


$30M loan for
A 185,000 s.f. Telco Complex

$6.0M fixed rate loan for
a Safeway/Long’s anchored center

$13M loan for
A 106,492 s.f. Power Retail Center

$3.65M fixed rate loan for
A 43,550 s.f. Light Industrial Building

$5.6M loan for
A 125,780 s.f. Office/Warehouse Building

Financing of New Safeway Store

$3.0M fixed rate loan for
a 46,202 s.f. Safeway store

$39.0M fixed rate loan for
a 452 unit apartment community

$14M variable rate loan for
A 155 unit apartment complex

$4.7M loan
for a 24,892 Single-Tenant R&D Building

$5.6M fixed rate loan for
a 16,317 SF strip retail center

$5.6M fixed rate loan for
a 59,275 s.f. retail center

$12M loan for
111,350 sf, 4 story
class A office building

$6.5 million loan for
A 142,040 s.f. Ross & Marshall's Anchored Center

$7.0M fixed rate loan for
a 30,004 s.f. Medical office building

$2.1mm fixed rate loan for
a 10,727 s.f. strip retail building

$3.6mm in Equity for a
272 Unit To-Be-Built Apartment Community

$6.525M fixed rate loan for
a 68,440 s.f. office building

$6.4M loan for
A To-Be-Built 83 Unit Assisted Living Facility

$2M loan for
Grocery anchored neighborhood center

What our customers and lenders say about CRE Capital

I am very pleased. It is very easy to use, provides me all of the necessary data to prepare a quote, and just as importantly, allows me to forward the information to my company headquarters with just a few mouse clicks. All of which makes it a very efficient process. It will be difficult to go back to the old way of doing business.

Loan Officer
AMI Capital, Inc.

I like the ability to help prepare the loan package and to observe lender responses.

Emo Biagini
Biagini Properties, Inc.

They were very responsive in obtaining answers and information I required to move to the next steps in order to fund this construction loan.

Glenn Rilinger
Butte Community Bank

By utilizing their expertise, the prospective borrower was able to market the loan package to all qualified lenders and qualify them in a manner that generated favorable terms for the borrower. During the loan process all investors of the borrower were able to monitor the process and communication with each prospective lender. The end result was satisfaction by the borrower in the cost effective approach."

Michael H. Abrams
Glenbrook Properties, Inc.

"It was nice to be able to comparison shop with up to date market information."

Bruce Adams
J. Patrick Land Company

I liked working with and appreciate the good relationship with my representative. The process worked out well and I plan on using this company for my next deals.

Scott Jury
Jury Development Co. Inc.

They allowed me to access more lenders in a shorter period of time in an efficient paperless manner. It was a pleasure working with them.

Steve Clowdsley
Legacy Partners

Working with the company made the whole process much more efficient. From bidding on the deal, all the way through closing, the way everything was automated, made getting the deal done much easier. Also, whenever we needed information or there was a potential glich in the deal, the mortgage broker was willing to get the borrower on the phone and resolve the problem. I look forward to doing our next deal with them.

Tom Mitchell
Manulife Financial

The people are real pro's. The loan packages provided on their web site are very complete, taking away much of the underwriting leg work. All the deals are solid and fit within most of our underwriting parameters.

Peter Wagener
Mechanics Bank

I would highly recommend this company. They provided a greater coverage of potential lenders than we could ourselves. This is especially beneficial for small businesses as this firm will enable them to expand beyond their normal banking relationships.

Steve Mellema
The WindChime Group

I can't imagine financing properties differently. We received great lender coverage, the financing we selected was outstanding, I was able to stay involved, plus we paid significantly less. I get more and pay less, why would I do it differently?

Rob Moore
Pelio & Associates

We enjoy knowing that our properties receive broad market exposure and competitive rate quotes.

Peter Nicholas
Duckett-Wilson Development Company

We were pleased at the knowledge, attention and service provided by the loan representative.

Tom Paulson
Paulson Investments

I like the flexibility. I can use the site to the degree I want.

Les Pelio
Pelio & Associates

We saved so much time and got a better deal due to having 2-3 times more lenders competing than by going directly ourselves. Also, the our representative was always available and very helpful with any concerns we had during the closing process.

Jeff Gregersen
Peninsula West

"The site did the kinds of things the web should do! A big difference was the exposure to a lot more lenders. Seeing quotes from both conduits and life companies allowed me to find the right lender. I liked seeing the quotes on the web site and having the ability to hear and see from a variety of lenders. My broker was on my side, not the lender's. He had good knowledge of lenders and terms of loans. The quote sheets and comparison charts on the web site were very good. I could review these in my time frame and without carrying around 14 folders. It felt very comfortable knowing all the information was available to me. The process was as painless as one could ever expect and the closing went faster and easier than expected. It went very well, very smooth, very easy. I don't think it could happen better."

Jim Blair
Renco Properties, Inc.

They were wonderful to work with and we would enjoy another opportunity to work with you. Perhaps as we look to remodel our facility we can get together again. We would recommend you and your company to anyone.

Mike Anderson
RMA Ventures, California

I have completed two deals and both times their performance was excellent. They sent my packages out to the lenders quickly, worked the phones relentlessly, and got me the market coverage I was expecting. Each deal was debt and one equity...and both deals closed. Their "internet system" saved both time and money, but most importantly for me, saved the frustration normally associated with paper intensive financing.

Bill Schrader
Austin Group

We received great exposure right out of the gate and the closing with the lender was painless

Jay Allen
Stone, Troger, Allen

We were hesitant to deviate from our traditional old ways of obtaining construction and take out financing through limited local contacts and networking. The company opened considerable new opportunities for greater exposure for our financing needs by promoting more competitive quotes at no additional cost. Their preparation and presentation of our properties was very professional and impressive. We would highly recommend the company to others and complement the friendly staff for a job well done.

Brent Tucker
T. A. Tucker Associates, Inc.

It provides an efficient platform that allows us to do business with our customers. The company has efficiently provided comprehensive information that has enabled us to make quick and reliable quotes.

Eric Smith
Wells Fargo Bank

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