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Arranging Debt & Equity Financing for Commercial Real Estate
CRE Capital Commercial Mortgage

"I can't imagine financing properties differently."

Rob Moore, Pelio & Associates, CRE Capital customer

1. We Broker Financing
  • Fixed and Variable Rate Debt
  • Construction - Bridge - Forward
  • Structured Debt/Mezzanine/Equity

2. We Close on the Best
  • We are the borrowers advocate
  • We have complete lender coverage
  • Lenders compete for your business

3. We Work Openly
  • We understand your goals
  • We build complete and accurate packages
  • We share all of the financing options

4. We Provide Advice
  • We share our lender knowledge
  • We provide creative solutions
  • We prevent surprises and solve problems

"The site did the kinds of things the web should do! A big difference was the exposure to a lot more lenders. Seeing quotes from both conduits and life companies allowed me to find the right lender. I liked seeing the quotes on the web site and having the ability to hear and see from a variety of lenders. My broker was on my side, not the lender's. He had good knowledge of lenders and terms of loans. The quote sheets and comparison charts on the web site were very good. I could review these in my time frame and without carrying around 14 folders. It felt very comfortable knowing all the information was available to me. The process was as painless as one could ever expect and the closing went faster and easier than expected. It went very well, very smooth, very easy. I don't think it could happen better."

Jim Blair
Renco Properties, Inc.

Our Latest Deals

$4.7M loan
for a 24,892 Single-Tenant R&D Building

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